Housing and Urban Form

Greets Green Housinf and Urban Form

This theme area aimed to create a high quality environment in Greets Green with housing fit and affordable for 21st century living which local people are proud of.

Housing projects completely transformed Greets Green, making major improvements to streets throughout the area and paving the way for major new development in the future. They included:-

Housing Plan Delivery Team

The Partnership employed a team of workers to keep local people fully in the picture about the physical changes taking place in the area. They also worked with partner organisations including Sandwell Council, Urban Living and Sandwell Homes to deliver all aspects of the Greets Green Housing Plan, which included radical regeneration and the major redevelopment of a number of sites including Claypit Lane and Wattle Road, Coppice Street and the Housing Assessment Area (HAA).

Environmental Improvements

Making environmental improvements across Greets Green formed a key part of the Housing Plan and, by 2008, millions were being invested in major enhancements for some of the main routes running through Greets Green. These included Swan Village and Bridge Street, Dartmouth Street, Wood Lane, Bromford Lane and Claypit Lane, plus some of the smaller roads on the Hambletts estate

Critical Friends

As the housing clearance got underway in 2004, critical friends were employed to provide independent support and advice for residents affected by the programme. They worked closely with the Partnership’s Housing Team, offering any help which residents required and answering any questions about this very emotive subject.

Home Maintenance Project

This project, launched in 2002, proved so successful that it received a further three years’ funding in 2005. It provided completely free practical advice, support and training in DIY to local residents. Once someone had completed a DIY course, they were encouraged to try out their skills in their own home and to teach their family, friends and neighbours. The aim was that more and more people could build their skills and tackle jobs in the home themselves.

Caroline Street Allotments

The allotments, completed in 2005, brought a fantastic community resource to Greets Green. Funded by the Partnership and Sandwell Council, the project saw consultation undertaken with the whole community to see whether allotments were required. People who wanted to develop gardening skills, study wildlife, grow vegetables, and carry out cookery demonstrations, all showed interest and the site at Caroline Street was transformed for all.

Sustainable Warmth Project

Households in Greets Green saved money and the environment thanks to this project. Sandwell Warm Zone received Partnership funding to provide free central heating, solar water panels and insulation to owner occupiers who met certain criteria and many residents took up the offer. By the time the Partnership’s funding came to an end in 2008, 120 homes had benefitted from new central heating, 59 had new insulation and 58 had solar panels.

Community Alarms

Nearly 200 people in Greets Green were helped to feel more secure in their homes thanks to this project. In 2007, the Partnership invested in an existing scheme which offered support to vulnerable residents of all ages by linking them to a 24-hour control centre. This enabled the scheme to be offered to Greets Green residents at a much cheaper cost. If residents had a fall, were unwell or needed help, they simply pressed a button on a pendant at any time of the day or night to call for assistance.

Case Studies

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