Greets Green Crime and Community Safety

This theme area was committed to encouraging aspiration, raising achievement and improving the life chances for everyone in Greets Green. Projects were designed to provide opportunities for learning right the way through life.

They included:-

George Salter Collegiate Academy

The Partnership invested £½ million to help transform the school by installing all the ICT systems needed and developing a variety of initiatives, including funding Pastoral Managers. The money invested was entirely aimed at raising standards and giving young people a better future.

In 2003 the school was performing poorly but within 12 months of the funding and support from the Partnership, the School’s GCSE results had risen from a 15% pass rate to 24%. By 2006 they had reached 62%, putting the school second highest in the borough. In 2007, it became George Salter Collegiate Academy and by 2008 results reached 88%.

Shireland Language College/George Salter Partnership

This was part of a national initiative targeted at secondary schools and involved creating a federation between a successful school (Shireland Language College) and a school experiencing problems (George Salter High School). It harnessed the expertise and experience that had brought about success at Shireland to improve performance at George Salter.

Greets Green Community Learning Network

Local people of all ages were encouraged to continue learning through this project. The first drop-in information and communications technology (ICT) centres were opened in early 2004 and soon a network of 12 centres was developed. Based in schools and community centres, they worked together to provide e-learning to all pupils and communities in Greets Green.

Community Access Points

The Partnership funded 10 Community Access Points (CAPs) throughout the area to provide facilities where clubs, groups and anyone in the community could hold activities, events and meetings.

The CAPs were set up at schools and community centres, and a team of Community Learning Workers were employed to develop activities at them. At Lyng Primary and Newtown Primary Schools there was no spare room to use, so brand new self-contained units were literally craned in to provide the facilities. 

Guns Village Primary School

In September 2005 the amalgamated Guns Village Primary School opened its doors, bringing together a junior and infant school on one site on Hanbury Road, creating a lively state of the art school for the whole community. A new community room was funded by the Partnership as part of the Community Access Points project which would be used for out of hours activities.

Adult & Community Learning Project

Launched in 2005, the project saw more than 2,800 people take part. A total of 1,451 qualifications were gained through the project running courses on everything from literacy and numeracy, IT and football coaching, to first aid and dressmaking. All the courses were held at local community venues and residents could study subjects to make them more employable or to help them progress at work.


This project worked with local pupils to help them develop the skills and experience they’ll need in the workplace. It strengthened the partnership between schools, business and community organisations to broaden young people’s horizons, increase their employability skills and ensure positive destinations post 16. A wide range of workshops and sessions were staged in schools.

Vocal Skills

Launched in 2004, this project involved more than 300 pupils from all five primary schools in Greets Green. It used creative arts to raise motivation and standards. Weekly vocal tuition was given in schools by specialist Sandwell Youth Music staff. Each school was encouraged to create their own choir and these came together to perform concerts.

Looked After Children in Education (LACE)

Greets Green children in care and children from outside the area living in foster homes in Greets Green, were give opportunities to do better in their education through the LACE project. The Partnership funded 11 lap tops which were loaned to Year 10 and 11 pupils to help them with their GCSE work, plus basic resources including pens, reading and exercise books for more than 20 children.

Employability Award

The Employability Award course was designed specifically for local NEETs – those not in education, employment or training. The Partnership identified several young people who would benefit from such a course which was held from June 2008 at St Albans Community Association in Smethwick. It helped young people find a positive way forward and included work experience as well as studying.

Library Explorers

All children aged seven to nine were encouraged to bring their family members into the library by becoming a Library Explorer. The youngsters took part in a range of fun activities at the library, gaining points and receiving gifts to inspire them to continue reading. Their families received information on the range of learning opportunities available in Greets Green

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