Greets Green Health

This theme area introduced projects to improve the health, well-being and quality of life of Greets Green residents.

It brought together health and social care services, creating flexible and responsive services which met the diverse needs of the community and enabled residents to learn to lead healthier lifestyles. They included:-

Social Swimmers Project

Research showed that many local women wanted to learn to swim but would never go to a community swimming pool. The Partnership funded a programme of 10 women-only sessions at Tipton Swimming Pool in 2005 to give them confidence in a swimming pool without feeling uncomfortable. Due to the project’s popularity Sandwell PCT provided further finds to carry it on. Over 70 women from a range of different backgrounds took part.

Child Home Safety Project

As statistics showed a high attendance of Greets Green children at accident and emergency departments following accidents in the home, Greets Green Partnership, OSCAR and Sandwell PCT decided to join forces in 2003 to launch the one year pilot Child Home Safety project.

The project offered free home safety equipment, such as stair gates and fireguards, to all residents with children under five in Greets Green. Its success led to the Partnership funding it for a further three years.

Greets Green Teenage Pregnancy Project

Through Partnership funding, the project was set up in 2006 by Sandwell Young People’s Services in partnership with Sandwell PCT. Its aim was to tackle teenage pregnancy through sex and relationships education, contraceptive services and support services for local expectant teenagers and young parents.

A Teenage Pregnancy Development Worker was employed through the Youth Service and a weekly young parents’ group was created which attracted more than 100 people.

Place 2 Place

Funded by the Partnership for three years from 2006 – 2009, the project was delivered by Murray Hall Community Trust with the aim of supporting approximately 150 Greets Green pupils each year who were moving from primary to secondary school. Workshops and summer activities enabled the youngsters to raise their confidence and communication skills, and meet new friends, so they could adjust quickly to their new school.

Greets Green Children’s Centre

The Partnership, along with Sandwell Council's Children's Services and Sandwell PCT, provided funding for the brand new Greets Green Children's Centre, a purpose-built community facility which opened in 2006.

Situated in the grounds of Ryders Green Primary School, the centre provides a wide range of services for families with children aged 0 to 5 including advice on benefits and housing, Stay and Play and Early Years Services, baby clinics, maternity support, family support and opportunities for training and volunteering. There’s also a day nursery managed by the YMCA.

Involving Parents and Communities

Following the launch of the Greets Green Children’s Centre, Community Involvement Workers were employed to help engage and involve local parents.

The Partnership and Sandwell Council provided funding from January 2006 for three years. During this time, the Involvement Workers promoted the centre’s services and developed new activities based on local needs. As a result, attendance at the centre increased.

Fit for Life Project

In 2005 the Partnership sponsored George Salter Collegiate Academy to develop Fit for Life, which was later rolled out to primary schools too. Its aim was to address the low activity levels and inadequate diets that contribute to the high incidence of obesity and poor health in young people. Activities were introduced focusing on healthy lifestyles, sport, physical activity and food technology, involving pupils, parents, teachers and local communities.

Hat-Trick Community Football Project

Jointly funded for three years by Greets Green Partnership, the Football Association and West Bromwich Albion Football Club, this project was part of a national scheme.

In 2005, Greets Green was allocated one of the 19 community football workers appointed nationwide to provide football opportunities for all ages, while addressing issues such as health, community safety and education. Various initiatives were introduced, such as school tournaments, community teams and coaching courses.

Active Lifestyles Project

Launched in July 2006, the project was funded to July 2009 when it was mainstreamed by Sandwell Primary Care Trust. Its aim was to encourage residents to take the active choice and enjoy physical activity.

Local people were trained as ‘community champions’ to promote and run the activities which included tea dances, children’s holiday activity programmes, ladies only sports and 50+ sessions.

Healthy Minds Programme

This project was launched to improve support in the community for vulnerable people with mental health needs, reduce depression and raise awareness of mental ill-health. A range of organisations were brought together to create a co-ordinated community-based outreach programme to support individuals and groups in the community.

Healthier & Safer Older Age

When Sandwell PCT mainstreamed the funding for the specialist nurses within the original Enhanced Nursing Services project in 2005, the Partnership provided funding to continue support for older people in Greets Green. A local team of professionals worked with partners to address the health and social needs of older people and their carers.

New Deal for Healthier Food in Greets Green

In 2002, a food mapping study was undertaken to look at the eating habits of local people. Following this, a Community Food Worker was appointed to work with local retailers and caterers to encourage them to provide healthier choices. A network of Food Interest Groups (FIGs) was also set up where many people learnt about healthier cooking and eating.

Care at the Chemist

As doctors’ surgeries are often very busy, this scheme offered an alternative for people with minor ailments. Rather than waiting to see their GP, they could choose to have a consultation from their local pharmacist. Four local pharmacies joined the scheme which proved extremely popular with people of all ages.

Health Assesment Training

Health assessments proved a big hit in Greets Green with residents learning how to develop healthier lifestyles and enjoy longer, fuller lives. Due to their success, this project enabled local people to learn to become health assessors themselves so they could conduct assessments within their own community.

Street Games

A common complaint from local youngsters was that there’s nothing to do in Greets Green. This project took a physical activity programme out to the community to engage youngsters through sport. Neighbourhood Wardens and Neighbourhood Support Workers identified ‘hot spots’ within the community and the team headed out to run the sessions.

Green Gyms

Many people got fitter while enjoying their favourite pastime through the Green Gyms project. A dedicated worker trained ‘community leaders’ to run Green Gym sessions where residents could do some gardening, plant a hedge or lay garden slabs, for example, to improve the community and become more healthy themselves.

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