About Greets Green Partnership

In 1999, Greets Green in West Bromwich was an area in decline, but Greets Green Partnership changed all that!

The New Deal for Communities programme aimed to deliver real improvements to people’s lives based on five key themes:

Poor job prospects
High levels of crime
Educational under-achievement
Poor health
Problems with housing and the physical environment

It was committed to encouraging partnerships which brought together local people, community and voluntary organisations, public agencies, local authorities and businesses to tackle local problems head on.

The goal was to transform Greets Green into a lively, attractive and aspirational place to live. And the results were tremendous.

By 2004, more than 100 innovative projects were not only up and running, but were bringing people together from lots of different communities, many of whom had never mixed before.

By 2007, the number of projects funded by Greets Green Partnership had increased to 340 and were achieving major results including driving down crime rates, providing training and employment for local people, improving housing, encouraging healthier lifestyles and increasing educational attainment.

When the programme came to an end in March 2010, the Greets Green area had seen a complete transformation. Today, the work begun by the Partnership continues and its impact will never be forgotten.


People Power

The success of the Partnership has been down to all the people who’ve been involved over the years in transforming the Green Green area.

These include the Resident Board Representatives who made up more than half of the Board and ensured local voices were heard loud and clear and members of the staff team.

Resident Board Representatives

Ahmed Alkash, Amandeep Bahat, Poli Begum, Fajli Bibi, Debbie Botfield, James Bowen, Anam Choudhury, Ann Coll, Gurbachan Singh Dhinsa MBE, Bev Dudley, Graham Fellows, Jessica Ferguson, Paul Green, Keith Handley, Minah Hoque,Mohammed Hoque, Kerry Houldey, Sharon Howard, James Howley, Munir Hussain, Pam Jackson, Roy Jackson, Abdul Kahar, Sandeep Kaur, Amraj Khan, Rofika Khatun, Elaine Knowles, Maureen Lambert, Wendy Letts, Joyce Mann, Rohim Mohammed, Nasr Muflahi, Ragih Muflihi, Arawan Muflihi, Ali Al Osaimi, Latif Osman, Kam Panesar, Jayesh Patel, Madhu Patel, Mohanlal Patel, Reena Patel, Smita Patel, Sean Perry, Mandy Preston, Steven Pye, Peter Reeves, Sal Saeed, Ahmed Salem, Abdul Samid, Paul Sandars, Janet Sayce, Stan Simms, Laurie Spencer, Natasha Woolliscroft, Frederick Wright and Sher Zaman.

Staff Team

Jubada Akhtar, Aftab Ali, Jay Alexander, Ally Allerson, Abdul Alkash, Hannah Alkash, Saifa Alkash, Jubada Arif, Paul Arrowsmith, Surrinder Bains, Shabena Begum, Ged Bowles, S Briscoe, Lorraine Bryson, Navida Bukhari, Simon Buttery, H Chaddock, Anam Choudhury, Dean Collins, Trevor Cooper, Roger Cunningham, Sam Downes, Winnie Edwards, A Evans, J Evans, Barbara Everson, Andrew Falconer, Nadia Farhat, Allison Franks, Cheryl Flynn, Dorothy Gardner, M Grewal, Helen Grogan, David Guy, Joseph Hall, Phil Hartley, Dawn Harper, Katherine Hewitt, Tara Hickman, Wendy Howells, S Hoque, Christine Jeffreys, Ian Jennings, Kevin Jennings, Stinder Johl, Adam Jones, Gursharan Kaur, Imran Khan, Abdul Monim Khan, Herdip Khangura, Jubada Khatun, Oliver Langford, Malissa Lewis-Francis, Stephen Lees, Bob Lloyd, Kully Ludhar, Jill Manley, Jodie Martin, Kate Massey, Brian McKinstrie, Avril McKoy, Delors Medina, Maxine Millward, Faiza Mirza, Rohit Mistry, Alex Monk, Marianne Monro, Micho Moyo, Ruphsana Nahar-Qayyum, Diane O'Driscoll, Jackie Owen, John Paddock, Rekha Pal, Pat Parkes, Hasmita Parmar, Smita Patel, Harshad Patel, Emma Pritchard, Gemma Rock, Jan Rowley, Gurdeep Sagri, Sally Sandel, Pat Shermer, Michelle Stephenson, S Stocking, Laura Stratford-Madeley, Dawn Tingle, Tara Thomas, Joanne Toft, A Turner, Simon Ware, Sam Watts, Sonia Williams, Isabel Williams, Richard Wyatt and Georgina Wythes.