Crime & Community Services

Greets Green Crime and Community Safety

This theme area tackled the issues in the community which were close to people’s hearts – reducing crime and the fear of crime in Greets Green. It worked in partnership with the Police to create a safe secure environment and introduced physical improvements to discourage crime and anti-social behaviour.

Projects included:-

Crime Fighting Team

The Partnership provided funding for the first ever Crime Fighting Team specifically dedicated to cutting crime in Greets Green. Its aim was to create more visible policing throughout the area and it worked! The team was led by a sergeant with 10 Police Officers. Three additional Police vehicles, featuring the Partnership’s logo, were also funded so that the team could maintain a high profile presence. As a result, the number of recorded crimes in Greets Green dropped year on year.

Greets Green Neighbourhood Wardens

Neighbourhood Wardens made a huge difference to local people following their launch by the Partnership in December 2002. The initial three year project ran until March 2005 and funding was then extended until March 2007.

The Wardens team tackled the environmental issues which really mattered to local people such as litter, graffiti and fly tipping, as well as providing a vast range of help, advice and support to residents.

Sandwell Women’s Agency Network (SWAN)

Partnership funding for five years until March 2008 enabled SWAN to get off the ground and become an established charity, and the organisation is still going strong today. It offers advice and support for women across a wide range of issues to promote social inclusion and break the cycle of isolation which can affect many. Issues may range from domestic violence and abuse to sexual health, teenage pregnancy, parenting, older age and eating well.

DECCA: A Drugs Peer Education Programme for Greets Green

A wide reaching programme of drugs awareness was launched in Greets Green. As youngsters often listen to people their own age, rather than adults, young people within the community were trained as paid community champions who raised awareness of the dangers of drugs to their peers.

Drugs in the Community DVD

An educational drugs DVD was produced which looked at local issues and featured the views of local young people and adults. Local residents shared their experiences to make people aware of the issues surrounding drugs. A copy of the DVD was distributed with the April/May 2008 issue of the Greets Green Magazine to all households.

Albion Business Forum CCTV

Following the launch of the Business Improvement District (BID) around Albion Road, the Partnership provided funding for a new CCTV system and staffed control centre to be installed in 2007. Since then, crime has fallen and more and more businesses have been asking to join the BID after seeing the success of the CCTV system.

High Quality Safe Environment Project Development Fund

The aim of this project was to improve safety and raise the quality of the environment. It kicked off in 2002 and a whole range of initiatives were undertaken such as traffic calming measures, car parking improvements, gating rear alleys, creating a multi use games area, junction improvements, signal controlled pedestrian crossings, gating schemes and general environmental improvements.

Alleygating Project

Residents were delighted when the Partnership funded a project to erect gates at the end of alleys where crime and anti-social behaviour were occurring. A total of 71 gates were installed and residents were able to feel more secure. The alleys had been used by burglars, people trying to escape from the Police, youths gathering, and people dumping rubbish. Now only residents can access them.

Police Radio Alarms for Domestic Violence

The Partnership funded 10 Police radio alarms for victims of domestic violence to provide support in their homes.

Burglary Reduction Initiative

The Partnership teamed up with Midland Heart to provide free security assessments for local people. Residents were visited in their homes and free door and window locks, and other security measures were fitted where required in a bid to cut burglaries.

Community Alcohol Project

A full-time Community Alcohol Worker was appointed to help address the harm alcohol abuse causes in the Greets Green area. Three local residents were trained as Community Champions who went out in the community giving talks and workshops to help people become more aware about alcohol and safer drinking.

Greets Green Street Lighting

Every single street in the Partnership area benefitted from new, brighter street lights by March 2009 thanks to this project. Initially, the Partnership funded 436 new lights which were installed during the first two phases of the project and a further 400 were erected in the third and final phase. Residents began to feel much safer at night with the new lights as many had highlighted it as an issue in the past.

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