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Greets Green Partnership Legacy Website

In 2000, Greets Green Partnership was awarded £56 million to create and deliver a 10 year regeneration programme under the Government’s £2 billion New Deal for Communities initiative.

The regeneration programme in West Bromwich, Sandwell was named Greets Green Partnership because initially it focused purely on the Greets Green neighbourhood. However, as there were not enough households in that neighbourhood alone to warrant such a large scale programme, the area was extended to cover nine local neighbourhoods in total. These were Greets Green, Carters Green, Hambletts North, Hambletts South, Lodge Road Area, Oak House North, Oak House South, Swan Village and West Bromwich Central.

The Partnership area, adjacent to West Bromwich Town Centre, was home to just over 12,400 residents living in 4,900 households.

This website tells the story of Greets Green Partnership and the huge impact it made on the area, transforming lives, homes and neighbourhoods. Its legacy lives on in the people and places of Greets Green and its many achievements will continue to benefit the generations to come.