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Greets Green Community Services

This theme area was at the heart of the Partnership. Its aim was to give everyone in Greets Green the opportunity, skills and confidence to influence the Partnership’s decision making and provide the foundations for lasting change in the area.

Projects brought people from different backgrounds together to develop a community with real spirit in which everyone could play a part.
They included:-

Community Empowerment /Services Team

The Partnership employed a team of workers to engage with local people and hear their views through initiatives such as the weekly ‘Down Your Street’ surgeries, the monthly Neighbourhood Forums and ‘Have Your Say’ project sessions. The team also organised events, led on the diversity agenda and worked with community groups and voluntary organisations to assist their development and sustainability

Small Sites Improvements

In any community, if the small issues aren’t tackled, they can become big problems for local people. The Partnership provided funding from 2006 - 2010 to carry out small scale environmental and community safety improvements specifically requested by residents via the monthly Neighbourhood Forums. More than 60 projects were completed including installing new fences and clearing fly-tipping.

Cleaner Environment Team

A dedicated and multi-skilled team of four workers were employed to provide services including litter picking, graffiti removal and tackling fly-tipping to improve the neighbourhood. This led to the Safer & Cleaner Charter, establishing standards of service delivery in Greets Green.

Time 2 Trade

This project was launched to enable local people to use their skills to help others, and in turn to benefit from help themselves. Each time residents provided a service for someone else, such as DIY, gardening or dog walking, they gained a time credit. These could be banked and then ‘cashed in’ for services they needed themselves.

The project was joint funded by the Partnership and Sandwell PCT and it proved so effective that when the Partnership funding finished in March 2008, the full costs were taken on by the PCT.

Greets Green Community Fund

The Partnership introduced the Community Fund project to offer small grants to assist local community groups. They were awarded by a specially trained panel of local residents. In 2001, more than 300 small grants were awarded. Re-launched in 2005 when hundreds more groups applied. There are now more than 50 active community groups and organisations in the Greets Green area.

Empowering the African Caribbean Community

A Development Worker, dedicated to working with the African Caribbean community, was employed to run events and activities and to support the African Caribbean Steering Group. The aim was to ensure the community had a voice.

Krishna Community Forum

The Partnership supported the major refurbishment of the community facility on Old Meeting Street and funded a Development Worker to run activities and work with groups. Today, the community venue is a popular meeting place for many.

Greets Green Youth Forum

Through this project a high profile Youth Forum was created which gave a real voice to local young people. The Forum became involved in decision making at all levels in Greets Green, and had a representative on the Partnership Board. Over the years, many youngsters built their confidence, had their say on a wide range of issues and had great time in the process.

Brighter Future for the Bangladeshi Community

A Development Worker was funded to work with the Bangladeshi community through the Confederation of Bangladeshi Organisations (CBO) to build residents’ skills and confidence and make them aware of the opportunities in Greets Green.

Greets Green Magazine

Throughout the life of the Partnership, the Greets Green Magazine was produced bi-monthly, sharing news of the work of the Partnership with all residents. Feedback on the magazine was consistently good with many residents saying how much they looked forward to its arrival through their letterboxes.

Wood Lane Community Centre

The Partnership made a capital grant to the Hambletts Community Association to enable them to purchase premises at 157 Wood Lane and turn it into a community centre. The centre became a focal point for the community, providing a base for local groups and organisations and meeting place for all. It’s still going strong today.

Empowering the Pakistani Community

Initially, the Partnership funded a feasibility study to identify the services needed by the Pakistani community. A Men’s and a Women’s Development Worker were then employed to work with local residents, develop a base within the community and to help shape services to meet these needs.

Valuing Volunteers

This project supported the involvement of local residents in Partnership activities, including training and transport. Led by a member of staff who helped volunteers to become more able to make their voice heard.

Greets Green Community Enterprises (GGCE)

The partnehip funded the develoment of GGCE, which was set up to carry on some aspects of the Partnership‘s work.

Many other Community Empowerment projects also received Partnership funding including…

The Guru Nanak Community Centre

The Greets Green Access Centre / Yemeni Community Association

The West Bromwich & District YMCA

The Masonic Hall

Lodge Road Community Centre

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